March 27, 2012

When we were engaged

We visited the spot where Tim proposed in Half Moon Bay. It was meant to be all romantic and cute, but really it was bitterly cold and windy, for us at least. But we braved the elements and trekked to the very cliff where I said yes. And there we stood, as three. We left almost as quickly as we arrived to seek beer and warmth.

And not to worry, Dashiell had some serious layering happening underneath that chevron number. Doesn't he look thrilled?

P.S. That day, in 2008


emily said...

i can't wait to take ramona back to chicago and introduce her to all the old haunts where her papa and i fell in love...

thanks for sharing this.

i think i picked out a very similar silk sling. looking good!

BmoreBruin said...

i LOVE the last photo. Beautiful family :)

Jen said...

emily: It's a sweet thought, isn't it? sharing your life with a new person? I'm excited for Ramona to learn all about about her mama and papa!