March 23, 2012

Lessons in food

It was cold and stormy this past weekend. I suppose we had it coming after approx. three gorgeously sunny weekends in the high 70s. It was the perfect backdrop for a rich, decadent brunch that warms you from the inside.

Sharing my love for good food with Dashiell is now a favorite. Something I love. Food tells stories, histories, creates memories. At home, I wear him while I prepare meals, rubbing spices between my fingers for him to smell. And when we fancy ourselves a meal out, Dash can sit with us and be a part of our experience.

On this day, as is the norm, I studied the menu for a good long while, describing the flavors and pairings aloud for Dash to hear. This time, he was much too busy studying the rain to hear what his mama had to say. 'Tis somewhat of a novelty when you're a Southern California baby. But once the food arrived, Dash stared longingly at the plates, looked at Daddy with sheer jealousy as he tore into the sweet, pillowy sticky buns, and tried to steal crunchy bites of truffle honey laced fried chicken from this mama's mouth. And like many of our meals, this one ended with dessert. There is always, always room for dessert. Perhaps the most important lesson of all. We left and promptly went home, crawled into bed, and slept away the food coma. It was a wonderful way to spend the rainy day.

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emily said...

such great bright colors!

Carolee Beckham said...

your little man is so cute! :) yay for babywearing while eating!!

Jen said...

Carolee: It's the best isn't it? I really think wearing Dash while we have our snacks and meals is one of my absolute fave things to do.

jodi said...

He is adorable and, of course, I love the yellow sling. Hooray for babywearing while eating (two free hands!) x