February 10, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday


My thoughts of late, baby related, and otherwise.


1. He teethes! Already?! The signs have been there for weeks but I ignored them, naturally. He is super drooly, chomping madly on everything, rosy cheeked, and just out of sorts. Methinks there is even a little white tooth peeking through along his lower gums. I wish I were a dentist. I need someone to look at this and tell me that I'm wrong. Either way, Sophie and my sling have been getting a real workout. Camilia and amber necklace on deck. I am really not ready to kiss Dashie's gummy smile good bye.  


2. He laughs! This week he erupted in some serious belly laughs. Daddy makes funny noises. So different from his little chuckles and so much better.


3. He babbles! The kid has things to say. So we gab, for hours on end. It is most fun.  


4. He grows! I swear Dashiell grew inches this week. He's suddenly looking all grown up. 


5. Remember that cleanse I was going to do? It was perhaps a wee bit ambitious. I realized it requires far too much planning than I'm willing to do. But we have been making some yum things. Like a wild rice salad with miso dressing. I'll have to share.

6. Trader Joe's is currently stocking very pretty white tulips. Buy yourself some flowers.

7. I'm currently reading this book by Steve Martin and I'm liking it. I've always been partial to Steve. 


8. Speaking of reading, I have spent, do spend, and will continue to spend a lot of time reading all about this baby business. Would it be helpful if I shared my crunchy reading lists for you mamas?


9. I've been asked about my "Baby Team." Find them linked to on the right. They were the best. 


10. Next week, I will post my birth story. It must happen before Dash turns one. 


I'm very much looking forward to this weekend. A lot going on around these parts, and I'd like a chance to regroup. A couple birthdays to celebrate this weekend. Plus, this talk on menu design and the evolution of American eating habits. Must try to go. Then maybe make a day of it exploring downtown? And you? Are you celebrating Valentine's Day? I'm not too interested in the romance of it all, but it does make me think of this family we're growing. And that I love.


Enjoy the weekend, lovelies.


P.S. Gifts to give best friends, ladies with bumps, new dads, and new moms + newborns.


P.P.S. A healthy dessert with avocado + chocolate


Photo by tokketok.

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