February 7, 2012

Gifts to give your best friend on Valentine's Day

For your best friend, who always says yes to a second scoop of ice cream and is always willing to go on spontaneous adventures with you.

1. The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 weekends in the USA & Canada. For impromptu girls only escapes.

2. Chocolate dipped ice cream bars. To make and eat while watching her favorite movies.

3. Kate Spade clutch. For stashing keys and credit cards when she takes you out for lunch when she's supposed to be working.

4. Instax Mini. To snap fun photos.

5. Guest toothbrushes. For minty fresh breath after all-night slumber parties.

6. Catbird memory ring. To wear on her first knuckle, just because.

7. Bensimon tennis shoes. THE sneaker for prancing around town, or pretending you're in Paris.

8. Linus bike. For bike rides to the farmer's market and the beach.

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