February 21, 2010

Woolly Pockets

While I'm on a trend of florals and foliage, it might be the perfect time to introduce Woolly Pockets- brainchild of Sherry and Miguel from Marvimon and Smog Shoppe. Woolly pockets are modular gardening containers that can be hung on walls for vertical gardening, or placed on flat surfaces as an awesome standing container. In LA, these are brilliant. Gardening for those with no land to garden in.

Woolly pockets are the exact containers used to build the Smog Shoppe's living wall of succulents.

How about a living handbag? What would it take for you to rock this look? 

And the newest addition to the Woolly family- free standing Woollys!

photo credit: all photos via {Woolly Pocket Garden Company
I think it's finally be time to introduce Woollys to my own nest. It's lacking a lot of things here, but some greenery might perk things up a bit. Learn more about the Woollys here and make the purchase here. Then say Woolly Pocket Garden Company ten times fast. Or just Woolly. Woolly. Woolly.

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