February 25, 2010

Choo Shoes

I have been told, by a handful of people, that I am neglecting my wedding. Yes, my wedding day is a mere three and a half months away. And yes, there are one or two (or three or four) details that still need to be sorted out. But not to worry, people!

Because, I have found my wedding shoes! All I need is for dear old Jimmy Choo to start cranking on his Spring 2010 line. And for my size to be available in pre-order. And for my new best friend, and personal shopper, Janette, to give me a call when she has acquired said size and put it on hold for me.

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, Jimmy Choo's 'Private' Cuff Patent Leather Sandal.

See folks, nothing to worry about! It's all under control! I have my phone, Janette...give me a ring...anytime!

*Update: $950 has yet to fall from the sky. If you happen to come across some extra cash, and are feeling especially generous, let me know...*


Ivy said...

Umm, love these! And they are a good nude color that you can wear over and over again ;). Thumbs up from this lady.

P.S. Aren't I the best enabler???

Lobster & Roo said...

It's why we are friends my dear, Ivy. In fact, I love you for it :)