March 16, 2012

Flying Solo

Happy Friday! Enjoying the extra bit of sunlight in the evening? Twas quiet here on the blog because baby and I were spending some serious time together. Tim took a job out of state for the first time since Dash was born, so I was flying solo. Extra tiring, but breaks from the significant other can be so, so good, yes? Next week, Dash and I are flying up north to hang in Half Moon Bay, because I like it there and we can. Only a wee bit nervous about flying with him alone, but he's been a pretty good flier on past trips. So it will surely be the same this time. HA. Thinking positive thoughts.

Have a good weekend, lovelies. Anything planned? We have reservations at Manhattan Beach Post to try their new brunch menu. We're getting the sticky buns and the truffle honey laced fried chicken. My mouth is watering at the thought.

P.S. Exciting news coming on Monday and fun things happening in the next several months. Stay tuned :) 
P.P.S More balloon inspiration, here

Photo via, un-fathomable.

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