January 24, 2012

Half Moon Bay

We're home! While we were up north, we spent some time in Half Moon Bay to visit some dear friends and it was easily my favorite part of the entire two weeks. I feel so relaxed and refreshed when we visit. Their family lives on 20 acres of land, on a secluded hill above the ocean. It's quiet and peaceful, except for the animals. The sun sets right in front of you and floods the entire front of the house in an orange glow of light. I love that house and I might or might not pretend that I live there. Would you like to see?

First, my new friend. The raddest donkey you've ever met. I couldn't get enough of him. He was found somewhere in Mexico, many, many years ago.

The backyard. I love the picnic table. Picnics there are fun, when it's any other season but winter.

And when the sun sets, it takes your breath away, and makes everything right in the world.

Can you believe it? So worth braving the cold to watch this.

That night some more friends came over, a turkey was deep fried, sweet potatoes were roasted, football was watched, beer was had, stories were told, and lots of laughing could be heard late into the night. It was a bit like Thanksgiving. Then we retreated to our own little room at the b&b and had a good, long sleep. It was one of those warm, cozy weekends that fill your soul.

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