December 30, 2011

Goodnight twenty eleven

Soon it will be a new year. I can hardly believe that I spent most of this year growing another little person inside of me. Then giving birth to this little person, meeting him, and falling completely in love with him. I discovered my inner strength this year. I had a baby.

Even better, I could not have chosen a better partner for this crazy adventure. Is it silly if Tim and I recite our vows to each other to start the new year? I ask because they simply couldn't be truer at this moment in time.

I hope the new year brings you clarity and inspiration. Focus on your message. Grow stronger, fall deeper into your passions. Find purpose and joy in everything you do. Take a deep breath. Here comes another chance at everything.

Our greatest gift of 2011. Wishing you and the ones you love a very Happy New Year.
xoxo, until 2012.

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Marla said...

This is so great...can't wait to watch and read the continued installments!