January 1, 2010

Express Your Joy In Every Syllable of Your Life

This post is "borrowed" directly from my friend Tam. I discovered her blog not too long ago and already, I am constantly inspired. Her words and photos read like a story.

She found a post from Zen Habits with this quote from Ghandi:
"My life is my message..."

Along with this excerpt, to reflect upon:

Each of us lives a life that expresses who we are, reacts to the world around us, shows our passions, reflects our deep river of feeling and being.

We might sing out in joy, through our words and actions and expressions, we might hide in fear and pain, we might lash out in anger. Everything we do, everything we are, expresses.

Gandhi’s message was his life, and yours is your life. What message are you giving the world, through your actions, how you live, how you treat others, what you accomplish, how you choose to be, every moment of every day?

Are you an angry rant? A ballad? An epic poem?

Perhaps a sonnet, a limerick, a haiku?

If your life is a poem, what do you want it to say? What would you rather leave out? What will the essence be?

Enjoy each moment as the perfect syllable, recognize the lyrical in the everyday, and sink your teeth softly into that cold delicious fruit.

Happy New Year.

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Tam said...

happy new year to you and your fiance...wishing you a cup overfilled with love, joy and laughter in the coming year!