November 11, 2010

A Teepee

I am in need of one more than ever. It's been many, many months since I've clamored for one and I think it's about time I clamor some more. Perhaps if I make my clamoring public, I won't have to wait another year. 

A teepee undoubtedly makes for a quaint hideaway at home. And to think that I could have one for but a few wooden rods and canvas cloth- and some embellishments to make it pretty, of course, makes me wonder why I don't have one already.

It's a bit Virginia Woolf like. Except I seem to be seeking a teepee of one's own, instead.

 {photo credit: Tonya Williams Ruanto {Life a Mundo}, Rachel Denbow {Smile and Wave}, 
via sfgirlbay}

 Full tutorial, here

I have the perfect corner saved for my little hideout. And I am quite prepared to use it.

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