November 16, 2010

Embroidery, Neat & Tidy

It must be a natural progression. Learn to sew, learn to embroider. But first, I need to find precious ways of storing my thread. For this, I turn to my favorite parts of the interwebs.

In order from the most resourceful to the most spendy.

Clothespins. I have an entire lot of clothespins stored away from the wedding, ready for use at my disposal. In which case, I wouldn't be limited to how many colors of thread I acquire and I could easily build a dangerously colorful collection.

Found on Naturally Dyeing, a blog dedicated to silk yarns dyed using locally grown vegetal species. A topic entirely cool in its own right. But there isn't a single mention of the ingenious nature of the use of clothespins. I might need to clue her in on how awesomely brilliant this idea is. Is it new, only to me?

And the author of that blog (and this one)? She lives in France. All good ideas seem to come from France. 

{photo credit: Sonia via Naturally Dyeing}

This pdf from Mollie Johnson at Wild Olive has been saved in my docs for some time. Turns out I'm fairly good at predicting what my next obsessions might be. Download your own set of free bobbins, here

  {photo credit: Mollie Johanson via Wild Olive}

Although, I do love my critters and I wouldn't mind the help of Henry the Hedgehog. Made by the Giggle Snort Society shop on etsy. Come on, I'd order these just for those names. 

Or Flossy the Pony. 

Need to cure my itch to stitch.

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