February 17, 2010

Flowers & Odds and Ends

On one gorgeously sunny day in January, we chose our florist! Luckily, my maid of honor was still in town and joined us for an afternoon of pretty things.

So who will be bringing my vision of an eclectic, vintage, funky wedding to life? Who else but Holly Vesecky of Holly Flora! We met at Holly's studio in Culver City- located right behind the Smog Shoppe. So convenient! Holly and her partners in crime...how do I say this...ROCK! This group of gals are ├╝ber talented, laid back, and just plain fun to be around.

Their studio is filled with vintage glasses, tin containers, bronze vases, etc., etc., etc. And when I say "vintage" I do mean, "vintage." As in, these containers have been carefully collected by Holly herself. This means, no taking off with a centerpiece on wedding day. That container you're holding belonged to Holly's great grandmother! The studio is also full of odds & ends because Holly is known for incorporating non-traditional elements into her designs. Swoon!

During the meeting, Holly even threw out an idea to end all ideas. Have a seat. This is going to knock you off your feet. Ready? We're going to set up the ceremony area with couches and persian rugs to create an intimate, homespun feel. Persian rugs, couches, and the Smog's succulent wall. It will be the most wonderful ceremony of all. I cannot wait to share this day with just 75 of our closest family and friends.

A little peek at my inspiration board. I'll share Holly's designs next!

(I wish I could properly credit these images. They were collecting on my computer 
before the blogging began. If you own any of these images, 
send me a message and I will credit you immediately. If you would rather I not use it, I'll happy remove it)

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