January 24, 2010

Livin' the High Life

My Winter Break is definitely over. I am in my last semester of graduate school- 15 weeks and I will have a Masters in Literacy and Language. Somewhere along the lines, the 6 month mark before the wedding passed without me realizing. I have to keep my eyes on the prize, because right now, it all sounds like an eternity.

So here I am, on another Sunday evening, mentally preparing for the week ahead. My thoughts tonight are directed toward remembering what I have accomplished and how blessed I have been. My job, school, my house, and the people I have in my life who make it all possible.

Namely, I am thinking about the love that I have found with Tim and how thankful I am that I realized how good it was, even though it happened so quickly. This man, is the most extraordinary human being I have ever met. He is Insanely Smart and Wickedly Funny, with a capital I.S.W.F. He knows exactly the right moments to be serious or silly. He can read me like a book and is always one step ahead of me. (He's a quick learner... I am pretty mischievous...Sorry about it!)

I imagine our lives together and I am sure of what we have. He is my biggest fan, my strongest supporter. For instance, I love my little ones in the classroom. They are awe-inspiring and the joy that they bring me is palpable. Tim has promised to love my broke ass if I continue my life as a teacher. But I am a woman with many dreams. And Tim listens to my wildest dreams, as crazy as some may be. He pushes me to challenge myself and to pursue even my wackiest of ideas. Tim knows that I dream big, and he matches that by dreaming bigger.

Recently, we discovered that there is one specific professional goal that we have in common. The thought of pursuing this dream together, was enough for us to forge ahead. We're going to keep it under wraps for the time being, but I look forward to this adventure together. Whether we succeed or fail, we will have done it together. Send us positive vibes!

From the big things, to the little things. This is a man who always lets me fall asleep on his shoulder or in his lap when we're on the couch. I always wake up in my warm bed with the alarm that he remembered to set and my phone and laptop that he remembered to charge. He even understands my obsessive addiction to my pillow and the painfully difficult time I have falling asleep without it. I've turned him into a total enabler, but it's a big thing people! My pillow and I are kind of a package deal. Don't judge me.

So, to my man, thank you for everything you have given me. I was complete before I met you, but you have taken me to new places and new heights. 

139 days until he is my Mister and I am his Misses. Until then, I will be practicing my yoga breathing and trying to remember that I am livin' the high life.


P.S.: You still give me butterflies...


Tam said...

this post is endearing...congrats on finding each other this lifetime :)

Natalie Moser Photography said...

So sweet... ;)

BmoreBruin said...

yayyyy :) this made my day!

Tim said...

Hey, it made my whole year! :)

Amber Events said...

THIS is the kind of stuff I love hearing my brides say! You two are in luv!