September 11, 2009

Back to School

Wednesday marked the first day of school! And in a big way! It was the first day of school for my class, Fall semester of my Master's program, and the Literacy Lab I am teaching at.

With the start of the school year, comes the end of the summer. Therefore, wedding plans have been put on a brief hiatus.

At the end of the last school year, we took our transitioning students to visit their new classrooms. After exploring the room for quite a while, one of my students tugged on my hand, and divulged that he was "very interested in the things that are in here." I was confident my students were ready for the next level. I spent the night before the first day of school sending emails to the same students, reminding them to "always be kind, to do the right thing, make new friends, keep the old, and learn as much as (they) can." All the reports so far, have been glowing :D

Finally being able to see my students after spending the previous week in the classroom prepping for the upcoming school year was incredible. With my school's two-year program, some of my students have looped with me, but many new faces have joined us as well. I have missed their energy all summer.

I am back to going full speed ahead! Read: Asleep by 9:30pm and awake by 5:30am. Here we go!

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