August 31, 2009

Oh So Succulent

I've had a love affair with succulents for some time now. I see them everywhere from weddings to home decor and now I get to see them at my front door. I just love their unique quality, the geometric shapes and patterns, the varying colors, and shades of green, their roundness, their sharpness...I LOVE IT ALL!

So of course, when unpacking became tedious and boring, I set forth on a mission. I needed succulents and I needed them now. Now would also be an appropriate time to shout out to the lady at the nursery who told Tim to "Get with it!" when he dared to say that he wasn't too thrilled with the succulents idea. This forced him to reluctantly indulge me as I oohh-ed and aahh-ed for over an hour in the blazing heat composing the perfect arrangements.

I was dying to transplant my new project as soon as we arrived home, but we were also dying from heat exhaustion and were wiped out. So a Saturday morning project it became. I have to admit that Tim did most of the actual planting as I was too preoccupied with directing the positions of each succulent so it would look just so. Hey, gardening can be an art too!

Here are a couple photos of the process....

And...drum roll please...the final product! I have to point out that these succulents and these pots were made for each other. The juxtaposition of the modern lines and dark color of the pots with the idiosyncratic shapes and bright colors of the succulents are beautiful.

Bonus: Tim now thinks that succulents rock :D

Good thing too, because succulents will definitely be filling the house soon. Very likely in terrariums much like these...

{photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes}

And they will most definitely make their way into the wedding. Check out this succulent wedding from Erin Hearts Court...

You must be feeling a serious case of Succulent Envy right about now, and I don't blame you. So check out this list of 10 best succulents from Apartment Therapy and find out where you can find succulents online.

Ohh succulents, how I love thee.

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