August 21, 2009

A Lifetime of Summers

Despite all this, my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E part of this coming week will be Thursday. Why, you ask? Well, I know this gorgeous lady who moved to Baltimore one day to go to law school. And Baltimore is very far away, you see, and I miss her dearly. But on Thursday, I finally get to see this favorite lady of mine! We get to have lunch and talk about all kinds of fun things. I'm very excited for our lunch. And if that isn't enough, she has agreed to go dress shopping with me on that same day! I would not rather go dress shopping with absolutely anyone else.

Well, Thursday came and it was fabulous! Now I can let you in on the little secret I've been keeping for so very long and why I was very excited for our lunch. I decided months ago, that this favorite lady of mine, Fay, just had to be my Maid of Honor!

All circumstances say that Fay and I should have met and become the best of friends much earlier, but it wasn't until the Summer of '06, a now historic trip to Las Vegas, and an entire summer of insanity, that we knew we had something special :P

Our summers have always been momentous. Have I mentioned that one summer, Fay moved to Baltimore for law school? She's a smart one, that lady. And since I'm getting married next summer, I couldn't very well leave Fay out. So, how to ask her this very important question of being my Maid of Honor? I knew it had to be special enough for her to know that it would mean the world to me if she accepted.

So, I decided to make her a book! Not just any book- a book that chronicled our many summer memories. I went hard to work designing the layout, choosing the most flattering photos, and some quotes about our friendship. I sent it to my favorite book publishing source, waited anxiously for it be printed and mailed, and waited even more anxiously for Fay's next trip to Los Angeles.

Thursday finally came, and we planned to have lunch after our dress shopping adventure. Tim joined us for lunch and "covertly" brought the book into the restaurant hidden in a laptop sleeve. We had a lovely lunch and good laughs. All the while, Tim had passed me the book under the table and I was balancing the book in my lap, while primping the smooshed ribbon I had so carefully tied before. Tim's other job was to take pictures and in preparation for this, decided to not-so-smoothly clear everything on the table to the side. (Fay later admitted that she thought he was slightly OCD.)

Anyway, I finally told Fay that I had something to give her and handed her "A Lifetime of Summers." I waited nervously as she flipped through the pages- reading through a letter I had written to her on the first page about how thankful I was to have her in my life and looking at the pictures of the fun we've had. She was about to flip to the last page, and I braced myself. As she turned the page, she immediately screamed "Yes!". It was the only answer I wanted to hear to the question I had written in her book... "Next summer, will you stand by my side as my Maid of Honor?"

I was ecstatic, thrilled, and thankful. She is wonderful and amazing. If you have not gotten to know her, I highly recommend it!

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