August 16, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

It's been busy over here! Our new home and the wedding have become full time jobs. So we're racing against the clock to get things done before the summer is over and I return to my classrooms (of both the elementary and graduate variety).

Last week, our approval for the home loan came through, so we're heading out first thing in the morning to sign the loan docs. Then it's straight back home to pack like our lives depended on it. We're expected to close escrow on Thursday, so we'll be picking up the house keys and then it's home sweet home! Woohoo!!

In the meantime, there's also tons of little projects to be done. The natural stone floors in the kitchen and bathrooms need to be sealed at the new place. I'm not taking any chances with red wine spilling and staining our floors...I know my friends too well...heck, I know myself too well. There's also some painting and decorating to be done that will be easier to do without boxes and furniture cluttering the space. A long list of fix-its also await for our current place so that it's rent-worthy. It's a good thing I have that honey of mine.

On the wedding end, our coordinator, Amber, is in the midst of finding us the perfect ceremony and reception music. We met with a DJ and violinist last week and we'll be meeting with another DJ on Wednesday. More details on this later, but I will say one thing about the violinist- she's performed with Kelly Clarkson. Enough said :P

Despite all this, my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E part of this coming week will be Thursday. Why, you ask? Well, I know this gorgeous lady who moved to Baltimore one day to go to law school. And Baltimore is very far away, you see, and I miss her dearly. But on Thursday, I finally get to see this favorite lady of mine! We get to have lunch and talk about all kinds of fun things. I'm very excited for our lunch. And if that isn't enough, she has agreed to go dress shopping with me on that same day! I would not rather go dress shopping with absolutely anyone else.

The next two weeks will probably drive us crazy...wish us luck!

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Jackie said...

Tell the violinist to bring Kelly to the wedding!!! :D