May 3, 2012

Happy Half Birthday

We had a little birthday party...kind of. Six months came on Monday and I made Dashiell a half birthday cake. Made from sweet potatoes and cinnamon, with an apple puree icing. Clearly, I am having trouble letting go, thus feeling the need to make the day celebratory. Also, I did not intend for him to become a complete mess in the process. I set the cake down for a half second, while I turned around to set the candle aside. In hindsight, that stack was just asking to be knocked down. These are the lessons you learn.

You'll forgive me for the ick factor, because that face is just darling, right? 

Happy birthday, my sweet boy...kind of ;)


Leti said...

can you share the recipe? this looks delicious!

Jen said...

Leti, luckily there really is no recipe! I used a leftover baked sweet potato from the previous night's dinner. Mash and add a couple dashes of cinnamon, form into small patties (these were approx 2" in diameter). Then, pan fry in just a tiny touch of oil, so it sets up. The apple sauce was jarred, organic, unsweetened.

If you make one, I'd love to see!

Kelly Rae said...

Such a great idea! Now I want to do a half bday and the sweet potato cakies :)