January 11, 2012

A day in Paris

Being up north with Dashiell has been exciting, to say the least. San Francisco was the last vacation Tim and I took as a twosome and it's now our first as a threesome! Can I tell you a little secret though? I kinda miss being pregnant. Is that totally insane? I love that a piece of me is living outside of me now, but it was so comforting having Dashiell in my belly, where I knew he was safe and sound. Sigh. Slowly learning what this motherhood business really means.

Here's a picture of me and Dashiell, on his very first trip, if it counts, in Paris. He was all of about 10 weeks along. (And now, he's 10 weeks old all over again!)

Mamas, do you ever miss being pregnant? Did you totally hate it? Can't wait to do it again? I'm curious to know.

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Anonymous said...

to be honest, I did not like being pregnant at all. I´m so happy I have my daughter but the pregnancy was a very difficult experience for me. After my daughter was born I understood why. She is such a strong and very dominant person. That explains why I just didn´t feel like myself all along. I couldn´t think, I couldn´t analyse my feelings...I just felt like I wasn´t me. And funnily enough exactly one day before she was born I was out with my parents and I was telling them "today I finally feel like myself again" and the next day she popped out! I imagine she was letting go of me and getting ready to get out :)
perhaps it will be different next time!