January 19, 2012

The Cookie Guru

These days, I am all about the sugar. I used to always prefer salty to sweet, then I got pregnant, developed a huge sweet tooth, and have yet to let it go. One of my favorites? Chocolate chip cookies. In all forms. With nuts, without, with oatmeal, espresso, you name it. And my favorite cookie maker?  AurĂ©lie, The Cookie Guru. She makes chocolate chip cookies in all forms, with organic ingredients and fair-trade chocolate. A cookie you won't feel guilty about. HA!

You can even submit a flavor idea that might get added to her monthly rotation of specially flavored choc chip cookies. I'm lusting for a Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookie, spiced with cinnamon and cayenne. Or Vanilla Chai, with hints of cardamom. Or S'more! With crunchy bits of graham cracker and marshmallows. Or Orange Caramel Chocolate Chip, with a hint of zest and swirls of gooey caramel. Oh man, Aurélie, call me girl! I have about a million delicious ideas!

I'm bumming hard about being miles away from home, left to daydream of fantastic combinations. The cookie is always sweeter on the other side. It will be a pit stop between the airport and home :)

Stop by the store front at the Santa Monica Place or order online.

Image from The Cookie Guru.

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Finding My Bliss... said...

I love her cookies, too! SO GOOD! So happy to hear about your new little addition. He's adorable!