January 17, 2012

A Very Small Cloud

Growing up, I was always the small one. While it certainly had its advantages, like fitting into the tiniest spaces and winning every game of hide and seek and standing front and center for class pictures and holiday concerts, it certainly had its disadvantages too. I often felt like I was disappearing into the crowd and I never could (and still can't) reach a single thing on the tippy top shelf.

How lovely would it have been to meet Cloudette when I was a wee one? She's a little cloud with big dreams. She discovers that being small can have its advantages, like always finding a good spot to watch the fireworks. But sometimes doing something big can be tricky. How can she help a giant garden grow? It's the perfect story about what it means to make a difference no matter if your big or small. Cloudette is for sure going on Dashiell's wish list.


I love book trailers. Do you? Sometimes I find them more exciting than movie trailers. There's something about watching the pages come to life. Also, you can watch how Cloudette came to be, here.


(Tom Lichtenheld is also the illustrator of another favorite book, Duck! Rabbit!)

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