September 13, 2010

Paper DIY

Alas, photos of my very own wedding on my very own blog. These pictures aren't new across the interwebs, but I think they are still quite pretty. Don't you?

I'll focus on all the paper/wood/fabric on this go around. The majority of my DIY prowess. HA! 

Our invitations printed on wood. Wrapped in gorgeously patterned paper and textured twine. Plus a vintage button for a touch of glam.

Wedding books. With all the important wedding day details.

Handkerchiefs! My dear, dear, handkerchiefs! So many days devoted to these babies. I wish I had been lucid enough during this DIY to document it and share a tutorial. Maybe one day I'll recreate and post. One day.

Escort cards, hand stamped, letter by letter. Strung across Smog's bookshelves. Loved the idea! Love their funky shelves more.

Tis the most important place card. Tee hee. The Bride. That was me, for all of one day. Woohoo!


Simple table letters. Made pretty looking by the tin can and flowers.

Poms. Strung just so across the patio, hanging over us as we exchanged our vows. Love them against the blue sky. And much unlike the hankies, they were stupidly easy to make. Tutorials abound in the interwebs. Follow this one from Martha.

 {photo credit: Natalie Moser}

So there they are, my most cherished projects from the wedding. I wouldn't have changed a thing about them. All the DIY was really only worth it because I just had to have each of these things, lest my wedding be incomplete.

What do you think? Like 'em?

More soon!

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Tam said...

you are so talented Jen! love it! =)