May 24, 2010

Enjoy Cupcakes + A Shasta Trailer

This is my revelation for this Monday morning: I would like to move my wedding to the Santa Ynez Valley or Santa Barbara County. Or even better, I will make it my home so that I may enjoy these sweet little morsels from Enjoy Cupcakes on a moments notice. Recently deemed as a seriously intense {Love Affair}.

Enjoy Cupcakes serves treats out of an adorable restored vintage Shasta trailer. They promise twinkling lights, a festive canopy, and a wafting sweet smell that will make your event unique and unforgettable. They can also make and deliver desserts without the trailer. But why on earth would you ever choose that option?

{photo credit: Jose Villa}

Next up, a complete list of the almost 200 flavors offered at Enjoy Cupcakes. Stay tuned!

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