December 20, 2009

By Your Side

This was a hard week. The hardest, even. Friday was my last day with my little ones and for the past month, I have struggled with more emotions than ever and I have cried until my tears ran dry. They are my family and I have been with them every day of every week. I have felt guilty, angry, and regretful. I have felt sadness, stress, and heartbreak. I have tried to look for the silver lining, and while I have caught glimpses as it passes by, I just cannot find it. By May, I will have a Masters in Literacy and Language, but right now, that is not enough.

I don't have many more words for it, except I am lucky to have Tim's support. He did everything possible to fly home early Thursday night to be with me through my last day.

So there it is- to leaving behind years at a very special place. I will always miss you.

By Your Side, michele maule {etsy}

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