December 3, 2009

E-Session {Version 1.0}

Finally, it is time for one of our engagement sessions! That's right, this weekend, we will be meeting our super rad photographer, Natalie Moser, in San Francisco, for Version 1.0 of our e-session!! I say 1.0 because we will also be doing a session here in LA come January. I know. I'm spoiled to the max.

The CONCEPT: For this session, I picture a mix between 'city chic' and 'urban funk.' No props, no fuss, just running around the city taking fun pictures!

The LOOK: Something about this season's glitz has me hooked!
See something sparkly? Bring it on! I spotted this rockin' bolero on Anthro's site a while ago, but it was before I adopted my new (and improved) attitude toward sparkle and I was still hesitant. But when I came across the bolero in a brick & mortar store, I was alll over it! And the grey suede pumps? I die.

I even managed to sneak in a little more sparkle with this fabulous headpiece from an Etsy favorite. The black velvet jacket makes the entire outfit feel a little rock 'n roll. I'm still not 100% sure I can pull it off, but I think the 4" heels will help a sister out!

Right to left (bottom row):  J. Crew Nordstrom

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BmoreBruin said...

i cant wait to see photos!! p.s. love all the anthropology clothes :)