October 15, 2009

THE Dress

Best. Weekend. Ever. I found my dress. Not just any dress. THE dress. The dress I will wear when I say "I do." I found it in the best of circumstances, too.

My fiancé, Tim, and I took a last-minute weekend trip to one of our favorite cities, Washington, DC to visit Fay, my Maid of Honor. So what's a girl to do in a city so wonderful with her favorite lady? Go wedding dress shopping, of course!

Just a few days before, we had decided that we would look for a wedding dress and maybe make up for our previously failed attempts at choosing one. I called Hitched to make an appointment, but as expected, they were fully booked (tear!). Luckily, Annie, one of the consultants, called me the next day to tell me that they had a couple of cancellations (woohoo!).

Fay arrived at our hotel in Dupont Circle and we played catch up on our walk to Georgetown and Hitched. Once we arrived, we were introduced to Annie. She sat down with us and spent a couple minutes asking about the wedding venue and what style of dress I was looking for.

One dress in particular, elicited quite the squeal from me and Fay. With each dress we pulled and tried on, I couldn't wait to get to that dress. The second Annie zipped and clipped me into it, I loved it even more!! I had yet to see a dress so unique and fun before. It was a perfect fit for the Smog Shoppe and our wedding. (There was of course, one other dress that I loved but that affair was much shorter lived...)

An hour later, I had picked my dress and had no less than a zillion measurements taken. This particular designer makes her dresses based fully on custom measurements... a dream come true for a tiny gal like myself!

I could not have possibly found this dress (or any dress) without Fay. She is truly the perfect friend. Have I mentioned that she traveled by bus, lightrail, and metro just to get to me in DC? Love her!! Also a shout out to Annie from Hitched who totally pinpointed exactly what I was looking for and spent almost two hours with me. She made the entire experience fun and stress-free.

I'm trying my hardest not to include a photograph or description of my dress, lest I commit the ultimate pre-wedding sin (according to Tim). But chances are if you see me, I'll show you the photo without you even asking :D Lucky you!!

So that's it! 3 bridal salons and 20 dresses later, I have found the dress of my dreams. A feeling of pure bliss washes over me...

Might I add that this perfect dress is designed by a designer from Melbourne, Australia, my favorite international city, and I purchased said dress in Washington, DC, my favorite city in the states. Coincidence? I think not. This dress was made just for me. 

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