March 1, 2009

The SmogShoppe

Introducing the SmogShoppe. It took me all of about 21 days after getting engaged to find this gorgeous venue, schedule a showing, and book it with what some might consider reckless abandon. (I hadn't actually considered any other options.) So yea, I booked our venue 18 months out. But if being an eager beaver means I'll have an awesomely amazing place to marry the man I love, then an eager beaver I'll be :)

The SmogShoppe is located in the Culver City arts district. Once a 1980's smog-check center, SmogShoppe is now a 100% solar-powered, private 6,500 sq ft indoor/outdoor haven for desert plants, vertical gardens, chic vintage furnishings and dozens of stylish, recycled and sustainable features. It is one of the most sustainably designed urban spaces in the United States. The SmogShoppe uses less energy than a typical 2-bedroom home.

In other words: IT IS PERFECT!! We wanted something fun and funky, and definitely nothing close to the cookie-cutter hotel ballroom variety. And in case you were still wondering, you won't find any white linen table cloths at this wedding.

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